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Bridal Makeup Application

At TMB Makeup Artistry, LLC, we specialize in beautiful professional makeup application for both men, women and teenagers. We have experience applying makeup for many different occasions such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, proms, and even just for our clients who would like it done for their day to day life. For those occasions where you don't feel comfortable applying your own makeup, professional makeup application is a great option.

Bridal Services

Your bridal makeup should embody the theme and vision of your wedding experience, as well as capture your style and personality. TMB Makeup Artistry is dedicated to uncovering each bride's unique look that will encompass your theme, vision, style, and personality! Our goal as a bridal vendor is to use our expertise and experience to give you a timeless look that not only makes you look gorgeous but to feel just as amazing!

Bridal Packages

We offer three bridal packages that will fit the needs of any bride's budget while maintaining the pampered elegance of this luxury experience!

  • Blushing Bride Bronze Package
  • Glitz and Glam Gold Package
  • Premier & Pretty Platinum Package

Each package includes a consultation, trial makeup application, skin preparation, wedding day makeup, bridesmaids / bridal party services, and makeup touch-ups with kits. Click the Bridal Packages Pricing link to access additional information about each level of service. All services included in each package are explained below.

Consultation - Your consultation is designed to gather as much information about the look of your wedding experience, your style, and your personality. We will discuss the look you want for your special day by utilizing pictures to pinpoint your desired look. Other special considerations such as covering tattoos, skin sensitivities, allergies, vegan, or cruelty-free preferences will also be discussed.

Trial Makeup - We execute the desired look developed from the consultation. This service is a full makeup application that includes, but not limited to, full skincare and prep, foundation and base, eye shadow, blush, lips, and lashes.

Skin Prep - This is a critical component to makeup application because when the skin is properly prepared to receive makeup, the makeup is easily applied, blended, and prepared for long-lasting wear. No chemicals are levels of skin prep

  • Basic Level Skin Prep - Skin is gently prepped to remove excess oils, then we apply a moisturizer that will work with your skin needs. Finally, the skin is given a third layer of a primer suitable for skin needs.
  • Mid Level Skin Prep - Skin is double prepped to remove excess oils, we apply a moisturizer that will work with your skin needs, then further prepped the skin with a moisture mask. The final layer of skin prep includes a primer or an additional layer of moisture depending on skin needs.
  • Premium Skin Prep - Skin is double prepped to remove excess oils, we apply multiple layers of moisturizer that will work with your skin needs to hydrate, plump the skin, and make it smooth for applying foundation. Moisture masks and Hyaluronic Acid serum are included in this preparation. The final layer of skin prep includes a primer or an additional layer of moisture depending on skin needs.

Wedding Day Makeup - The makeup service for the bride and bridal party on the wedding day. The bride receives the look created at the consultation and trial and the members of the bridal party (mother of the bride, bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids, Maid / Matron of Honor) receive makeup services.

Bridesmaids Services - The makeup services for the members of the bridal party. Services include skincare and preparation, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, lashes, lip color and touch up kit. For the gold and platinum packages, up to 3 additional members of the bridal party are eligible for the package skin preparation. Bridal parties larger than 3 members will receive the basic level skin prep with the corresponding rate of $85 per person.

Makeup Touch Up Services - For larger bridal parties, clients that received makeup services first will get the lip color touched up and any other skin touch-ups as needed after the bride receives her makeup service. All members of the bridal party are given a touch-up kit that includes lip color, applicator, sponge, and tissues.

Individual Bridal Services

TMB Makeup Artistry provides services for the unique needs of all brides. If a package does not suit your needs, we also offer individual bridal services.

Consultation - Minimum of 2-hour service. See description above. $110

Wedding Day Makeup - Up to a 2-hour service. See description above. $200

Bridesmaids Services - Up to 90-minute service. See description above. $85

Other Bridal Makeup Services

Junior Bridesmaids / Flower Girl Makeup is for young ladies 8 - 14 years old. The service including powder foundation, two eyeshadows, blush, and lip gloss. Children 7 years and younger can receive complimentary clear gloss. $40

Junior Bridesmaids - for young ladies 15 - 18 years old. Full makeup application with basic skin prep. Lashes not included. $75

Engagement Photo Shoot Makeup is a 90-minute makeup application including lashes. The foundation formula is HD cream base and is medium to full coverage. Leaving your skin with a flawless and radiant finish that will look amazing in your photos! Lashed included. Basic Level Skin Prep. $110

Additional Fees

Booking Fee is a deposit required to guarantee services on the event day, must be paid before the event service, and is applied to the total balance. This fee only applies to all services. Please see Terms and Conditions. Non- Refundable or Transferable. $30 and up.

Processing Fees of 5% is applied to all individual services. A 3% fee is applied to bridal packaging services.

Early Bird Fee is applied to all appointments that must begin before 7:00 am. $20

Travel Fees are applied to on location appointments outside of a 20 mile radius from TMB Makeup Artistry in Hampton, 23669. An additional $15 is charged for every 20 additional miles. $15 and up

TMB Makeup Artistry, LLC Makeup Services

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The State of Virginia does not require licensure for applying makeup as a service with a fee for professional or freelance makeup artists. However, TMB Makeup Artistry, LLC does follow the Disinfection Reminders for Shops, Salons + Spas, where applicable, as recommended by the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation. TMB Makeup Artistry is a traveling makeup service; therefore, due to COVID-19, to further protect both the client and artist, the client must ensure that the makeup application area and frequently touched surfaces are cleaned prior to the arrival of the artist. TMB Makeup Artistry will also use EPA recommended disinfectants both before and after makeup application. Health and safety waivers are required at the time of booking.